60000BTU Floor Ceiling Ductless Inverter Split Air Conditioner Heat Pump

60000BTU Floor Ceiling Ductless Inverter Split Air Conditioner Heat Pump

These R410A DC INVERTER Break up Flooring-CEILING AIR-CONDITIONER are common mounted, that means they can mount minimal on the ground or lower on the wall, nevertheless substantial enoughfor a vacuum to get under them. They can also be mounted on the ceiling. A popular application for this design is in hallways exactly where wall place is constrained.
An clever technique to comfort with a one device that is equally at house standing upright as a flooring device or equipped horizontally to the ceiling without modification. Really tranquil and power successful, they are excellent for residential or professional scenarios.
By way of new, sophisticated technological innovation, CZPT air conditioners are far more economical to work and quieter to run than standard units. They can handle greater extremes in temperature, are smoother and far more stable in procedure, and attain the sought after temperature far more swiftly than standard air conditioners.


Electricity supply Ph-V-Hz 1, 230V, 60Hz 1, 230V, 60Hz one, 230V, 60Hz one, 230V, 60Hz 1, 230V, 60Hz  
CZPT Potential BTU 119400(3400-13300) 17000(7840-19700) 23200(12690-29000) 10400(5000-12000) 13800(6000-14200) 17000(6500-18500)
Input W 960(270-1580) 1440(750-2200) 2131(1300-3450) 3313(2100-4350) 4647(2500-4950) 5762(2600-6500)
Rated recent A four.36(one.5~6.eighty five) 6.fifty five(3.four~10.) 9.2(six.~sixteen.) 14.seven(nine.five-18.9) 20.2(eleven.6-22.5) 25.05(twelve.one-28.9)
EER BTU/W 12.forty one 11.eighty three ten.88 10.seventy one ten.thirteen ten.06
Heating Ability BTU 12960(3680-15350) 18420(8180-21500) 24500(13640-31000) 10700(6000-12000) 14300(6300-14400) 17600(8100-19100)
Input W 1172(260-1680) 1700(675-2280) 2320(1310-3600) 3507(2400-4600) 4912(2050-5600) 6170(2780-6800)
Rated current A 5.one(one.five-7.32) 7.four(3.5-eleven.2) nine.7(6.one-16.3) 15.five(ten.four-twenty.five) 21.three(eight.nine-24.8) 26.82(12.nine-29.5)
COP W/W three.24 three.18 three.one three.05 2.91 two.eighty five
SEER BTU·h/W·h 18.56 seventeen.91 seventeen.eighty one 17.19 sixteen.sixty eight 16.31
Indoor air flow CFM 411 500 576 676 811 970
Indoor unit Dimension (W*H*D) Inch 37.1×26.2×9.five 37.1×26.2×9.5 52×26.2×9.five 52×26.2×9.five sixty six.9×26.2×9.five 66.9×26.2×9.5
Packing   (W*H*D) Inch 38.8×29.6×12.three 38.8×29.6×12.3 fifty three.6×29.8×12.1 53.6×29.8×12.1 69×30×12.three 69×30×12.three
Net/Gross weight Ibs eighty five.5/ninety two.5 97.8/one hundred and one.five 106.eight/one hundred twenty.eight 113.six/117.nine 126./131. 139.5/146.five
Outdoor device Dimension (W*H*D) Inch 31.2X21.5X9.8 33X23.7X11.1 32.3X27.7X12.one 34.3X31.2X14 forty nine.1X32.4X12.one forty nine.5X36.3X15.two
Packing   (W*H*D) Inch 34.7X25.5X14 38.2X25X15.6 37.8X29.1X16 40X32.8X17.7 49.5X37.8X16 50X41.7X19.1
Net/Gross bodyweight Ibs ninety four.5/101.2 117./121.five 148.5/152.8 144.3/149.five 229.five/249.7 239.five/258.5
Sounds level Indoor dB(A) 30-forty two 32-forty seven 33-48 35-forty nine 36-50 36-fifty two
Outside dB(A) 48 53 fifty five 57 fifty nine 59
Dehumidification Potential L/H 1.08 1.88 2.four two.ninety five 3.65 four.5
MAX.Pipe Duration Ft 32.81 32.eighty one 49.21 forty nine.21 sixty five.62 eighty two.02
MAX.Height CZPTence Ft 26.25 26.25 32.eighty one 32.eighty one forty nine.21 forty nine.21
Pipe Size Liquid/Gasoline Inch one/four – one/2 one/four – one/2 3/4 – five/eight 3/four – five/eight one/2 –  three/4 1/2 – three/four
Refrigerant   R410a R410a R410a R410a R410a R410a
Design and style strain Psi 600 600 600 600 600 600
Procedure temp ºF 62  –  88 62  –  88 62  –  88 62  –  88 62  –  88 62  –  88
Ambient temp ºF -13 – 116 -13 – 116 -13 – 116 -13 – 116 -13 – 116 -13 – 116
Application region Ft2 151-237 210-324 486-648 810-972 1080-1188 1188-1350
Rated cooling check conditions:Out of doors dry bulb temperature/Soaked bulb temperature95.0ºF75.0ºF       Indoor dry bulb temperature/Damp bulb temperature80.0ºF67.0ºF
Rated heating test conditions:Outside dry bulb temperature/Soaked bulb temperature47.0ºF43.0ºF      Indoor dry bulb temperature/Soaked bulb temperature70.0ºF60.0ºF
The difference in between the fastened-frequency and frequency of::
Fixed-frequency device: the outside unit working ambient temperature variety is comparatively slender (19-109 ºF) and can not change the dimension of the cooling / heating potential of the indoor temperature changes, the device open in between stops, the indoor temperature fluctuations, feels abruptly chilly all of a sudden sizzling.
Frequency CZPT: the outdoor device functioning ambient temperature variety is extensive (-thirteen-126 ºF) and can change dependent on the temperature and adjust the dimensions of the space cooling / heating potential, the indoor temperature a clean transition, the temperature fluctuation is modest, automated local weather control, energy use energy-preserving influence is impressive.

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60000BTU Floor Ceiling Ductless Inverter Split Air Conditioner Heat Pump


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