Gold Mine Slurry Pumps for Mineral Processing

Gold Mine Slurry Pumps for Mineral Processing

Gold Mine Slurry Pumps for mineral processing

CZPT® NAH series centrifugal slurry pumps and spare parts can totally interchange.These pumps are of weighty-duty building,made for ongoing pumping of hugely abrasive and corrosive slurries.They function a wide decision of replaceable abrasion resistant metallic or moulded elastomer casting liners and Impellers,which are all interchangeable inside of a common casting assembly.

Descrition Benefit
CZPT Identify Horizontal Slurry Pump
Discharge Dimension 1 – 18 inch
Flow (m3/h) 12.six-5400m3/h
Head (m) six-118m
Max Power(kw) 1200kw
Content High Chrome A05, Cr27- Cr thirty%, CZPT R55, R33 etc. 
CZPT Type CV / ZVz/ CRz/ DCz/CL
CZPTd Engine Motor or Diesel
Seal Variety Packing Seal, Expeller Seal, CZPT Seal,Dyna Seal
MQQ 1 established
Payment CZPT TT, LC, or Negotiate
CZPT ShiJiaZhuang, ZheJiang China
CZPT Assortment Slurry Pump, Motor, Foundation Plate, Guard, V-belt, Pulley
Excess weight
Shipping CZPT By Sea, By air, By TNT, DHL, By Prepare

Normal Apps–
CZPTs Flotation Processing
CZPTtric Factory Coal Preparing
Coal Washing
CZPT Medium Processing
Effluent Dealing with
Salt and Sugar CZPTSand And Gravel Dealing with

CZPT Drawing

Standard Chrome Alloy
Chrome Alloy
SG Iron SG Iron Chrome Alloy
SG Iron
Chrome Alloy
SG Iron
Options Ferralium
Hastelloy C
316 SS
Hastelloy C
316 SS
SG Iron
Numerous grades
Solid Iron
NI Resist
Hastelloy C
316 SS
NI Resist
Hastelloy C
316 SS
Hastelloy C
316 SS
304 SS
Chrome Oxide

Pump Performance Parameters


Type Allowable Mating Max.Electricity(Kw) Obvious Drinking water Functionality Impeller
Potential/Q m³/hr Head/m Pace/rpm Max Performance/% NPSH/m Nos of Vane Impeller Diameter/mm
1.five/1NAH fifteen 12.6–28.8 six–68 1200–3800 forty two–4 five 152
two/one.5NAH fifteen 32.four–seventy two six–58 1200–3200 forty five three.5–eight five 184
3/2NAH 30 39.six–86.four 12–sixty four 1300–2700 fifty five four–6 5 214
4/3NAH 30 86.4–198 nine–fifty two one thousand–2200 seventy one four–6 5 245
six/4NAH sixty 162–360 12–56 800–1550 65 5–eight five 365
eight/6NAH three hundred 360–828 10–61 five hundred–1140 72 2–9 5 510
10/8NAH 560 612–1368 11–61 four hundred–850 71 four–ten 5 686
twelve/10NAH 560 936–1980 7–68 300–800 82 six 5 762
fourteen/12NAH 560 1260–2772 13–63 three hundred–600 seventy seven three–ten 5 965
16/14NAH 1200 1368–3060 eleven–63 250–550 seventy nine 4–ten five 1067
20/18NAH 1200 2520–5400 thirteen–fifty seven two hundred–four hundred eighty five 5–ten five 1370

Seal Varieties:

There are 3 seal kinds,expeller seal,packing seal and mechanical seal.
(1) Expeller Seal. Use pressure seal made by impeller and expeller in sequence,packing or lip sealing ring for shut down seal.The principal areas are Expeller ring,Expeller,Packing,Packing Gasket,Drinking water Seal Ring ,Packing Gland,Oil Cup
(2) Packing Seal. The routine sealing programs are suited for numerous conditionsand can be utilized in the corrosion or high temperature situations these kinds of as teflon packing,graphite packing etc.It also can be used in strong abrasive situation duty with shaft ceramic sleeve of spray weld. The principal elements are Packing Box,Entrance water seal Ring,Packing,Packing Gland,Shaft Sleeve.
(3)CZPT Seal. World-sophisticated method without having sealing leakage,integrating design,practical set up & substitution,a variety of constructions go well with for all types of problems.High hardness ceramic and alloy are adopted for material of friction elements.Design and style & matching of mechanical seal & sealing box is suitable for fluid state.It possesses high abrasive resistance & shakeproof to assure that sealing impact can be satisfied by customers in a variety of circumstances.The main parts are stationary ring assembly and Movable ring assembly.

 Elements Material

Spare part Identify Material Specification HRC Software OEM Code


Tough Metallic

High Chrome White Iron 23-thirty% ≥56 Utilized for increased wear circumstances with pH Amongst 5 to 12.  A05
15/3Chrome/Moly Iron ≥59 With reasonable erosion resistance A07
ULTRACHROME 28% Cr, Reduced C forty three Utilized for FGD and other corrosive software A49


Common Impeller CZPT    Utilised for outstanding erosive resistance essential R08
Normal liner CZPT    Have excellent erosion resistance R26
CZPT CZPT- Reinforced    Enough use lifestyle R33
Mother nature CZPT    Reduce resistance to hard, sharp slurries R55
Expeller & Expeller Ring Metallic ULTRACHROME 27%Cr ≥56 Utilized for larger dress in circumstances with pH Between 5 to twelve.  A05
Grey Iron    Higher actual physical toughness G01
Stuffing Box Metal ULTRACHROME 27%Cr       A05
Gray Iron        G01
Body/cover plate
Bearing Housing& base
Steel Grey Iron        G01
Ductile Iron        D21
Shaft Metal CZPT steel        E05
Shaft Sleeve
Lantern Ring/ Restrictor
Neck Ring/ Gland Bolt

CZPT Steel

4Cr13        C21
304ss        C22
316ss        C23
Joint Rings & Seals


Butyl CZPT        S21
EPDM CZPT        S01
Nitrile        S10
Hypalon        S31
Neoprene        S11/S42
Viton        S50


Solution Overview:

For the AH pump types,we can supply as beneath,

one.5/1B-AH(R)  2/one.5B-AH(R) 3/2C-AH(R) four/3C-AH(R) six/4D-AH(R) 6/4E-AH(R) 8/6E-AH(R)
8/6R-AH(R)  10/8F-AH(R)  10/8ST-AH(R)  12/10ST-AH(R)  12/10FF-AH(R)  14/12G-AH(R)
fourteen/12ST-AH(R)  16/14TU-AH(R)  20/18TU-AH(R)

Our Workshop Demonstrate:

NAIPU PUMP is a whole processing company, CZPTt from Modeling Workshop,Casting Workshop,Warmth treatment method Workshop,Machining Workshop ,Assembly Workshop and Pump Testing Workshop are all by us. So we are modernization and built-in business to fulfill the prerequisite of the shifting needs of industry.

We established different examine factors together the total creation line,which throughout Uncooked Substance,Charging Content,Surface area and Heat Treatment examining,Material Evaluation,Spare Testing and Pump Testing and many others.

Possible Faults and Settlements 

        Faults      Reason        Settlement
1.Pump fails to discharge any h2o,The hand of pressure gauge beat violently  one.Suction pipe will not have sufficient h2o.
2.Suction pipe blocked or the valve is locked.
1. Inject adequate h2o
2.unlock the inlet valve,distinct the blocks
three.Exclude the air leakage 
two.The pump can’t discharge drinking water,the hand of vacuum meter conquer greatly.  1.The inlet valve is unlocked or silted up.
two.The resistance of suction pipe is way too huge or silted up.
3.The peak of suction is also higher. 
one.Unlock the valve or desilting 
2.increase the design and style of  suction pipe or desilt 
three.Decrease the height of the set up.
three.The pump can not discharge drinking water,pressure gauge shows hefty pressure. 1.The resistance of the discharge pipe is also massive.
2.The impeller blocked
3.The pace is gradual.
one.Verify and change the outlet pipe.
2.Obvious the impeller
3. Enhance the speed.
4.The pump isn’t going to rotate  The volute is silted up by the blocks.  Obvious the blocks
five.The ability is not enough  one.The blocks of the impeller or the inlet or outlet pipe.
2.The abrasion of the impeller is greatly.
three.The pace is minimal to normal 
4.Pump is installed unreasonably or the leakage of the inlet pipe.
five.The transporting top is way too high,the loss of the resistance of the within pipe are way too big.
six.The inlet valve not open up adequate or blocked
seven.The packing seal leaks
one.Clear the impeller or pipe.
2.Change the impeller

3.Adjust the velocity
four.Put in once more or quit leaking.


  1. Decrease the top of the transportation or reduce the resistance.
  2. Unlock the inlet valve


  1. Compress the packing tightly
six.The motor of the pump is overloaded  1.The head of the pump exceeds the head of the functioning issue.
two.Not take into account the slurry density when deciding on the pump.
three.The packing push tightly
one.Turn down the outlet valve,reduce the impeller or lower the pace.
two.Choose the motor once more.
three.Adjust the the screw of the  packing gland 
seven.Abnormal sound in the pump, and no water out 1.The resistance of the inlet pipe is way too large.
two.The height of the suction is also substantial.
3.Cavitation occurred 

  1. there is air in the inlet
  2. The temperature of the liquid is way too high
  1. Obvious the suction pipe and sluice valve.
  2. Reduced the height of the suction 
  3. Change the h2o valve and allow the pump function in the defined limits.
  4. Block the leakage.
  5. Reducing the liquid temperature.
8.pump vibrates 1.pump cavitate 
two.The block of the impeller single vane 
three.The no concentricity  between the pump shaft and motor shaft
four.CZPTeners or basis unfastened
1.Alter the water valve ,decrease the height of the set up,minimize the resistance of the inlet.
2.Distinct the impeller
three.Alignment once again
4.CZPTen the screw,and enhance the basis.
9.Bearing is overheat  1.lock the cooling h2o
2.lubrication is not good.
3.the lubrication oil is not very clear
four.the wrong route of the thrust bearing.
five.there is anything improper with the bearing.
  1. Open up the cooling h2o
  2. Change the oil quantity 
  3. Obvious the shaft,modify oil
  4. According to the inlet pressure,adjust the route of the thrust bearing.
  5. Adjust the bearing 
10.Packing short life  The substance of packing is not good  Change the packing 
eleven.pump leak oil one.Substantial oil stage
2.The rubber parts invalid  
3.Assembly problem
one.Reduce the oil degree
2.Modify rubber spares
three.Adjust the assembly
twelve Pump head leaking  one.The rubber areas not press properly Assembly yet again or press tightly 


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Gold Mine Slurry Pumps for Mineral Processing


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