Japan Material & Technology~ Bulldozer Gear Pump: 113-15-00470 or Loader D31

Japan Material & Technology~ Bulldozer Gear Pump: 113-15-00470 or Loader D31

CZPT Gear Pump CZPTr~ 

 Short introduction:
       We largely create komatsu pump ,kawasaki pump and it CZPT in accordance to customer’s prerequisite.
            (one) Our company fashioned in 1983, organization is proven in 2002, with 30 years’ growth.
            (2) Our goods have been exported to Singapore, Korean, Turkey, Southest Asia and covering over 30 nations.
            (three) We are expert manufacture development equipment elements, specially the oil pumps and valves used in CZPT CZPT equipment.
       Product CZPTs:
      1.Shaft sleeves are imported from DAIDO Japan.                       
      2. Oil sealing is manufactured by NOK Japan.
      3.CZPT pump Circumstance is an extrusion molding which is made by   extruding device (push electricity is 3600 Ton).
      4.Clean floor, hard density of material.
      5.CZPT variety for international pump areas (much more than 300 kinds of CZPT pumps)

Areas we offer:

Steering Pump, Transmission Pump, Equipment Pump, CZPT Pump, Work Pump Ass’y. Drinking water Pump Ass’y,CZPT ring,Various Valves…

385-1057182 705-52-35710 705-fifty five-34180 705-forty one-01620 705-twelve-28571 705-52-20070
385-1057192 705-52-35710    705-fifty five-34190 705-forty one-01920  705-12-34571  705-52-20090
385-15714561 705-fifty two-three 0571 705-fifty five-43000 705-forty one-57110 705-12-34060 705-fifty two-22000  
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705-12-29571 705-fifty two-3571 705-fifty five-43040 705-forty one- 0571 705-12-35571 705-fifty two-30040
705-51-3571 705-fifty two-30920 705-56-26080 705-41-5710  705-22-36260 705-52-30050
705-51-35710 705-fifty two-30A00   705-56-26081 705-41-08001 705-22-36460 705-fifty two-35710
705-fifty one-30170 705-52-40000 705-fifty six-26090 705-forty one- 0571 1    705-24-3571 705-fifty two-30360
705-fifty five-13571 705-fifty two-40001 705-56-30560 705-forty one-08050 705-24-30060 705-fifty two-31571
705-fifty five-23571    705-fifty two-40080 705-56-34040 705-forty one-08070 705-52-10001 705-fifty two-31150 
705-55-23040 705-52-40081 705-fifty six-34090 705-forty one-08080 705-fifty two-10030 705-fifty two-31170   
705-fifty five-24110 705-52-45710 705-56-34100 705-41-08090      705-52-10050 705-52-31180
705-56-23571 705-52-40160 705-fifty six-34130 705-41-5710 705-fifty two-20160 705-fifty two-31210
705-56-26030 705-52-40160 705-fifty six-34180 705-41-08210 705-52-21160 705-fifty two-31250
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706-fifty five-23571 705-52-45710 705-56-34690 705-fifty one-20110 705-56-24370 705-52-42090
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07400-35710 571-71802 571-66200 0571 -67100 0571 six-72202 0571 4-66200
07400-40400 0571 3-71103 0571 1-67503 0571 -72202 0571 eight-72202 0571 8-66107
07429-71203 0571 2-71203 0571 -72202 07421-71401 571-71102 0571 eight-66200
Primary CZPT CAT PUMP        
2P9239 3P4002 4N4873 3P6816 4N4864 7S4629
3P6814 3G4768 5M7864 3P0380 4W5479 a hundred and fifteen-5853
191-5094 5I7903 9J5050 7C7582 4N9618 237-3786
Principal CZPT CZPT PUMP        
44083-60740 44083-61571 44083-61860 44083-61030 44083-60590 44083-61000
44083-6571 44083-60490 44081-20180 44083-60030 44081-20150 Custom-made PUMP

 After revenue services:  One Calendar year Guarantee
          Usage introduction:
       1:The CZPT Oil must be clear and clean the bad issue of Oil will damage and lessen operating life of pump.  
       2.It will affect functioning performance of pumps when the previous pump and new pump link collectively.
       3.Make sure you insert in HYD Oil in the pump prior to put in into Motor vehicle

       lf you have any concerns, remember to do not wait to get in touch with us and we will give you a satisfied reply.
       If you are interested in this pump, make sure you let us know or compose an e mail to us about your wants .
       If you are not interested in this pump, remember to also permit us know and we will supply  other kinds of pumps for you.
       And please check the attachment ,it really is our organization listing and our manufacturing facility pictures!

 My information:
       Company identify:ZheJiang Wan Xun CZPT Co.,ltd
       Company address: NO.2588-10,HeShuo AVE,Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Country,HangZhou Town,ZheJiang PR of China

       Name: Esther Yang        Mobile:  -15136476032
       Fax:86~571-8822571/8822 0571 -67971119     

Japan Material & Technology~ Bulldozer Gear Pump: 113-15-00470 or Loader D31

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