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custom design gear pump high viscosity,inner ring Rotor inner ring Rotor vacuum pump

inner ring Rotor high viscosity pump Introduction:
series internal gear pump is a kind of new positive displacement pump,widely used for convey of a variety of mediums with different property and viscosity,because of the special structure.
It contains the parts, internal rotor, outside rotor, shaft, pump casing, front cover, seal, bearing, etc.

Packing seal or mechanical seal is for choice, if the delivered medium is high temperature, high viscosity or strong corrosion, the packing seal should be adopted.
When the delivered medium is easy crystallographic, we can design the heat preservation jacket in pump casing and front cover in order to melt the medium with steam working.

It is widely used in the different fields of petroleum,chemical industry, paint, medicine, foodstuff and so on.

Applicable medium temperature: below10centigrade-200centigrade
Applicable medium viscosity: 1.0 CST-300.00 CST

Application Fields :
1. Oil(Petroleum,Asphalt) industry
2. Chemical (Silicone Adhesive) industry
3. Coating industry
4. Grease industry
5. Medicine industry
6. Food industry

High Viscosity Rotary Glue Pump/Bitumen Pump/Asphalt Pump Advantages:
1. Steady delivery without pulsation, little vibration and noise
2. Outstanding self-priming ability.
3. The pump can deliver the varied corrosion mediums if the proper material of parts selected. In addition, the working temperature can reach 200 °C.
4. The same rotary direction of internal rotor and outside rotor results in less abrasion and longer operation life.
5. The pump’s flow capacity can be changed through adjusting the speed.
6. Much suitable to transfer high viscosity mediums.