Vertical Stainless Steel Cast Iron Rotary Oil Gear Pump




1.  Electric Oil Transfer Gear Pump is designed for pumping light fuel oils such as diesel, kerosene, and biodiesel. It is also possible to pump vegetable oil, motor oil, and even glycerol.

2. It is helical gear pump, and built-in by-pass valve. For pumping clean viscous liquids, not containing abrasive or solid particles.

3. They can run dry for only intermediate amounts of time, allowing for the use of a suction hose for collecting fluids from a tank. They should not be run dry for an extended period of time as oil is required to lubricate the pump head.
Generally used in:

Petrochemicals: Pure or filled bitumen, pitch, diesel oil, crude oil, lube oil etc.

Chemicals: Sodium silicate, acids, plastics, mixed chemicals, isocyanates etc.

Paint and ink.

Resins and adhesives.

Pulp and paper: acid, soap, lye, black liquor, kaolin, lime, latex, sludge etc.

         Food: Chocolate, cacao butter, fillers, sugar, vegetable fats and oils, molasses, animal food etc.