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ISO 2858 Centrifugal Pump

Strictly produced according to ISO 2858/5199 and EN 22858 standard, the ISO 2858 centrifugal pump is a kind of horizontal single-stage and single-suction pump. Based on professional design, our single suction pump has optimized performance, reflected in high efficiency, optimal energy conservation, and low energy consumption.

Through dynamic balance treatment, the impeller for the horizontal centrifugal pump has been specially treated for minimum vibration and noise. The stable operation effectively prolongs the service life of the single-stage centrifugal pump. The adjustable rotating speed can be 2900/1450/980 or 3500/1750/1180 rpm.

1. Constructional engineering: clear water transportation, pressurization system, air condition water circulation system, fire extinguishing system, swimming pool and water circulation system.
2. Industry: circulating cooling system, process water for papermaking and paper pulp, steel production, shipbuilding, sea transportation, and other manufacturing industry.
3. Mining industry: water supply, mine drainage, generating station, etc.
4. Others: municipal water supply, agricultural irrigation, and some others.

Technical Parameters

Caliber Size Up to 250 mm
Max. Impeller Size 547mm
Flow Up to 1600 m3/h
Head Up to 160m
Max. Temperature 140℃
Rotating Speed 2900/1450/980 rpm, 3500/1750/1180 rpm

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