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Centrifugal Slurry Pump

Produced with the internationally advanced technology from Warman, our centrifugal slurry pump can be mainly classified into AH series, HH series, and M series. Different ranges of products may share many characters in common.

M, AH and HH Series
The product of M, AH and HH series is a kind of horizontal centrifugal pump provided with cantilever. The shaft seal can be packing seal or centrifugal seal. Based on actual demand, the pump outlet is adjustable. The angle for each adjustment is 45°.
The cantilever centrifugal slurry pump is applicable for delivering highly corrosive slurry in high concentration in the industry of metallurgy, mine, coal ash, electric power, building material, among others.

M and AH Series
Different from HH centrifugal slurry pump, the impeller and the lining of the pump body is made of wear-resistant metal or rubber. The lining for wear-resistant slurry pump is replaceable.

1. Alkali and inorganic salt: lime milk, salt slurry, calcium carbide offscourings
2. Non-ferrous metal metallurgy: production of aluminium, copper, vanadium and zinc mineral slurry.
3. Petrochemical engineering: crude oil with sand
4. Papermaking: lime milk
5. Fermentation: slurry fermentation
6. Environmental protection in electric power plant: coal ash, gypsum slurry, and some others.

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