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Double Suction Centrifugal Pump

S&TPOW series double suction centrifugal pump is mainly used for transporting water or liquid which has the similar physical and chemical properties to water, that the temperature is less than 105℃. It has large flow because there are two suction inlets on the impeller, so our centrifugal pump can be applied to urban flood drainage, power station, water supply, farm irrigation, water plant, pumping station, water circulation for air conditioner, heating water circulation, industrial water supply system, fire water supply, and other fields.

Technical Parameters
Diameter: DN150~1200mm
Flow: 0~12500m3/h
Pumping head: 0~140m
Maximum working pressure: 2.5Pa
Maximum working temperature: 75℃

1. This double suction pump can be opened in the middle of the pump body, the suction intake and discharge outlet are placed in the vertical axis of the pump. It has the compact structure, so there is no need to disassemble the pump during maintenance or replace the spare parts.

2. Two impellers of water pump have same diameter, the flow is large, its symmetric structure will not produce axial force, so that the operation of the pump is stable.

3. The intake and discharge outlet are located in the same direction which is helpful to arrange and install the water pump and water pipe.

4. Designed with straight line, this double suction centrifugal pump has double flow channel and symmetric structure. The same rotor can be used for the reverse rotation, so as to change the installation direction of the motor.

5. The pump can be used for vertical installation according to the situation of the site.

6.Vacuum system is used to solve the problem of self-priming, there is no need to install bottom valve.

7. Our centrifugal pump is rainproof with low noise, it can be moved by trailer according to the requirement of the working site.

1. Our pump can be used for fire extinguishing for motor, transformer, factory and oil system. It can be used as standby fire pump in fire water system.

2. The double suction centrifugal pump is widely used in urban drainage, urban water supply, water plant, central heating system drainage for power plant, paper mill, water supply for air-conditioning system. For example, the water plant uses pressure pipes for pumping water and equips with water filter to ensure the water quality.

3. This kind of water pump has large flow, it is applied to farmland irrigation and drainage water conservancy, such as drip irrigation system, sprinkling irrigation system, flood drainage, etc.

4. The largest solid particles which can be passed through are 20% of the pump impeller, our centrifugal pump is used for conveying wastewater, sewage in mine, drainage pumping station, iron and steel metallurgy, petrochemical refining and other fields.

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