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Vertical Turbine Pump

Our vertical turbine pump is produced from immersible pump. As a centrifugal pump, this product has outstanding performance and high stability during operation.

The maximum undersurface operating height can be 15m. Customer shall inform us of the well depth or the undersurface height before placing an order. According to the using conditions, the vertical centrifugal pump can be equipped with multistage impellers, realizing the maximum head of 150m. Additionally, this product can be used in conjunction with diesel engine if equipped with universal gear box.

1. The inlet of the vertical turbine pump is vertically downward, while the outlet is in horizontal direction. The installation location of the outlet is adjustable.
2. As shown in the picture, our corrosion resistant vertical turbine pump has anti-reversion device (No. 2), which can effectively prevent the product from reversion. So, your system can be well protected.
3. Since the impeller is fully submersed in the liquid, there is no need for the user to fill the pump with water for starting.
4. The impeller can be offered in closed type or semi-open type. Moreover, there are three kinds of vanes for your selection, nonadjustable, semi-adjustable, and fully adjustable.
5. In case equipped with universal gear box, our vertical turbine pump can be matched with diesel engine, making it possible for outdoor application.

The industrial turbine pump can be employed for transporting clear water, rainwater, sewage, and corrosive industrial wastewater and seawater. The liquid temperature shall be no more than 55℃. In case the product is particularly treated, temperature of the liquid can be as high as 90℃.

Our vertical turbine pump is very popular with water supply company, sewage treatment plant, electric power plant, steelwork, mine, and primary water treatment plant. Additionally, the deep well pump can also be applied for municipal engineering and hydraulic engineering.

Performance Parameters

Range of Flow 8m3/h – 60,000m3/h
Range of Head 3m-150m
Power Range 1.5kW-3,600kW

Product Structure

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