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Air Operated Diaphragm Pump

Particularly suitable for the liquid with high and low flowability, our QBY air operated diaphragm pump integrates the advantages of self-priming pump, immersible pump, shield pump, slurry pump, and trash pump. Containing no rotating parts, shaft seal or diaphragm, the moving parts and workpiece are completely separated from the medium. With outstanding leakproofness, our product can be used for transporting poisonous, volatile or corrosive medium. No environmental pollution or harm to personal safety will be caused.

1. The operation of the QBY air operated diaphragm pump is quite easy and reliable. Only opening or closing the gas valve is required.
2. The immersible diaphragm pump will not be damaged in case the machine shuts down suddenly or operate without medium for long time.
3. Offered with self protection device, our product will stop operating automatically for overload. When the load returns to normal, the abrasion resistant diaphragm pump will start running automatically.
4. Engineered in simple structure with less quick-wear parts, our QBY air operated diaphragm pump is convenient for installation and maintenance.
5. Since medium transported will not contact the rotor, piston, gear or vane, the performance will not be affected by the abrasion of the said quick-wear part.
6. No water filling is required. The maximum suction stroke can be 5m. With the exit pressure no less than 6 bar, the head is as high as 70m.
7. Possessing outstanding trafficability, this range of liquid transporting device is available for delivering the medium with the diameter as big as 100mm.
8. The outstanding abrasion resistance makes it suitable for delivering mud and impurity.
9. Infinitely variable control on the head and flow can be realized through the adjustment on the air valve between 1 to 7 bar.
10. Requiring no electricity, this QBY air operated diaphragm pump is suitable for the
application in inflammable and explosive environment.
11. The membrane pump can be immersed in the medium.
12. Particularly, transporting viscous medium with the viscosity below 10,000 CP is available with this product.
13. Distinguishingly, even though no lubricating oil is needed, our product will not be damaged by the idling of the machine.

Performance Parameters

Model Flow (m3/h) Head (m) Suction Stroke (m) Max. Particle Dia. (mm) Max. Air Supply Pressure (kg/cm2) Max. Air Consumption (m3/min)
QBY-10 0-0.8 0-50 5 1 7 0.3
QBY-15 0-1 0-50 5 1 7 0.3
QBY-25 0-2.4 0-50 7 2.5 7 0.6
QBY-40 0-8 0-50 7 4.5 7 0.6
QBY-50 0-12 0-50 7 8 7 0.9
QBY-65 0-16 0-50 7 8 7 0.9
QBY-80 0-24 0-50 7 10 7 1.5
QBY-100 0-30 0-50 7 10 7 1.5

1. The air operated diaphragm pump is used for disposal of sewage, waste oil in drains and sewers. Although submersible pump can be pumped these, the place it used is far away from the power supply, our product uses compressed gas cylinder as the power, that can avoid this problem.
2. Gas residual liquid and sour water at the bottom of the refinery, which need centralized waste treatment, our diaphragm pump can be used for conveying these waste liquid.
3. Our product can be used for pumping glaze slurry in ceramic industry.
4. In the process of oil refining, the oil products often need to be temporarily poured, loaded and sampled, in order not to pollute the normal pipeline, the diaphragm pump can replace it temporarily, and complete the work quickly and easily.
5. This air operated diaphragm pump can be used for transporting naphthenic acid, sodium sulfite liquid, and benzene.

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