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Air Operated Diaphragm Pump

QBK series air operated diaphragm pump is driven by air, it is a kind of positive displacement pump which volume changes caused by compressing diaphragms in both side. Our diaphragm pump is widely used for conveying oil, gasoline, natural gas and so on in explosion-proof place. It also can be used as submersible pump in chemical industry, because of it is safe without power supply. Our pump has the same performance of GRACO /HUSKEY pump's, so all internal accessories can be replaced of it.

Technical Parameters
Model Flow
Head (m) Suction Stroke (m) Max. Particle Dia. (mm) Max. Air Pressure (kg/cm2) Max. Air Consumption (m3/min)
QBK06/10 0-1.62 0-70 6.4 1.6 7 0.14
QBK-15 0-3.42 0-84 7.6 2.5 8.4 0.56
QBK-25 0-9.42 0-84 8 4 8.4 1.12
QBK-40 0-21.48 0-84 8 5 8.4 2.24
QBK-50 0-35.22 0-84 8 6 8.4 2.8
QBK-80 0-63.6 0-84 8 9.4 8.4 9.8

1. The air operated diaphragm pump has the function of self-priming without rotating parts, it can achieve dry priming and wet priming, which self-priming height is 5m and 8m respectively.

2. With sectional type structure, this self-priming pump can be used for conveying two different liquid by double diaphragm.

3. Our pump can be used directly as a submersible pump, it uses air as the power source, and does not have the leakage and other security risks. This diaphragm pump has lower cost than submersible pump which is caused by the maintenance of motor.

4. The pump body of our water pump can be made by PVDF, PP, SS304, SS316 cast iron, aluminum alloy, etc. The diaphragm can be made by teflon, rubber, fluorine rubber, NBR, polyether rubber, wear resistant rubber, and so on.

1. Beverage industry: peanut butter, pickled vegetable, mashed tomato, small sausage, jam, chocolate, flavor and fragrance, as well as the hops, slurry of baking powder, syrup and molasses.
2. Paint industry: oil paint, gum, pigment, coating, etc.
3. Chemical industry: various kinds of emulsion, stuffing, rubber slurry, abrasive material, corrosive, petroleum, mud, toxic, inflammable and explosive liquid, and highly acidic, basic and corrosive medium.
4. Adhesive and glue industry: all the liquids included in the industry are available.
5. Ceramic industry: various kind of glaze slip for tile, porcelain, brick and pottery.
6. Environmental protection and wastewater treatment industry: this QBK air operated diaphragm pump can be matched with plate-and-frame filter press for sewage treatment.
7. Mine industry: transportation of sediment and ponding in mine, adit and tunnel, as well as the cement grouting and mortar.
8. Marine industry: sewage cleaning on oil tank and barge, and the transportation of high temperature liquid. The maximum liquid temperature can be 150℃.

Chemical liquid transportation, such as a mixture of surfactants and ammonium
Medicine distribution for septic tank
Work in chemical plant
Work with filter press
Pumping sludge in sewage treatment plant
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1. Upper and Lower Cover
This product is offered with upper and lower cover, which make it suitable for transporting two kinds of medium, simultaneously. The outlet is in the middle. Produced with low pulse, the device is designed with three segments, conducive to the flexible and convenient installation.

2. Four-bolt Connection
The four-bolt connection makes for outstanding seal property. With optimal self priming capacity, the air consumption of the QBK air operated diaphragm pump is reduced to the minimum.

3. Fluid Chamber
Made of superior material, the fluid chamber has reinforced structural strength. Even used in severe environment, our product can be employed for long time.

4. Air Motor
The air motor can be made of aluminum alloy or stainless steel. Besides, the one-piece plastic air motor is also available from us.

5. Hardware
To avoid rust and corrosion, we select stainless steel hardware for this cast iron diaphragm pump. So, maintenance in future is easier.

6. Valve Ball
The valve ball for the QBK air operated diaphragm pump is further processed with special machine for high precision and excellent leakproofness.

7. Pilot Air Valve
The pilot air valve is made of modified material with good corrosion resistance and self-lubricating performance. There is no dead point in the air valve. Requiring no lubrication, the valve consumes less air.

8. Connecting Rod
Produced from #321 stainless steel, the connecting rod has good corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, and self-lubricating performance. Particularly grinded, the surface has lower friction coefficient.

9. Diaphragm Protection Block
The aluminium alloy or stainless steel diaphragm protection block is designed in integrated structure. It effectively prevents the liquid from leakage. Additionally,the plastic diaphragm protection block is lined with reticular stainless steel plate for high temperature resistance and high pressure resistance.

10. Diaphragm
The moving distance can be accurately calculated. Made of imported material, the diaphragm stress of QBK air operated diaphragm pump is reduced to the minimum, and the service life is extended.

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