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Contact Person (Charger): Mr. Shen

About Us

EPT Machinery was co-founded by Shanghai Y&L Pump Factory and Jiangsu SELE Pump Factory. We are committed to development, production, sell, and maintenance of various types of pumps, self priming sewage pump, air operated diaphragm pump, centrifugal pump, fire pump, diesel engine driven pump, irrigation pump, and some others.

At present
More and more users choose our products, such as irrigation pump for Ministry of Agriculture Uganda, flood water pump for Government of Thailand, water drainage pump for open-pit coal mining in Indonesia and Guyana, ballast pump for SAIPEN company, underground drainage pump for using in Australia, and so on. We will continue to make efforts and enhance our expertise to provide our customers with more professional and trustworthy services.

EPT Team

Factory map

Jayson (first one on the right), Engineer
For on-site products installation and commissioning


For improvement, management and debugging of diesel engine production equipment

Mr. Liang, Power Control Engineer
For circuit equipment debugging and maintenance

After-Sales Service Department
Keep track of usage of pump regularly every three months

Sales Team, communicate with customers
Help customers to select suitable product according to their needs, and offer quotation

Customer Order Service Team
Keep track of production and transportation status for customers’ orders

Production Process
How our pumps are made, please see production flow chart of our self priming sewage pump.

Make Mould

Foundry Casting

Rough Casting

Machining the Casing


CNC Lathe Machining


Dynamic Balancing of Impeller


Surface Treatment




Painting and Packing

Main products