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Agricultural Irrigation Project in Africa

1. A customer from Mozambique visited our company in July, 2010. He was looking for the irrigation pump with the flow of 300m3/h and delivery pressure of 1.8bar. The slant distance from lake surface to the water pump was 11m. Since the pump was for outdoor application, a trailer was required for convenient movement.

Upon analysis, we introduced our JT-6 self priming pump, featuring 320m3/h flow, 1.8 bar delivery pressure, and 7.5m head. He was quite satisfied with our product matched with Deutz diesel engine and 2-wheel trailer, and placed an order for 10 pumps from us. Here is the picture from our client.

2. Highly satisfied with our product, in May 2012, this customer sent us the inquiry for self priming pump with the head of 10.5m. According to practical situation, we recommended our LPT vertical long axle pump, the maximum vertical height of which was 13m (See picture below).