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Contact Person (Charger): Mr. Shen

Services and Agent Inviting

Consultation Service
Our professional engineers possessing 15 years of experience in the industry will offer you reasonable solution based on practical working condition.

Delivery Time
For ordinary product, the production cycle is generally from 7 to 15 days.

Payment Term
We can accept the payment through letter of credit. Moreover, for regular customers, the E-credit Line is also available from us.

Warranty Period
The warranty period is one year. For the quality problems within the period, we will provide parts freely for replacement.

After-sales Service
1. Installation service

Our well-trained technicians, as well as the professional agent, will provide pump installation service. The proper installation of the product ensures the property safety of our clients.

2. Debugging service
Our debugging service realizes the fast and high-efficiency operation of the water pump, which is a good start for energy conservation and cost saving.

3. Extended warranty period
Generally, the warranty period for quick-wear part is 3 months. To bring more benefit to our clients, we extend the warranty period to one year.

4. System optimization
Are you worrying about energy waste of your water pump system? If so, our diagnostic tools may find out the crux and optimize your system. For most systems, more than half of the overall energy consumption can be saved.

Seriously taking the life cycle cost into consideration, we carefully design the product to save more cost for our customers, from purchasing price, operating cost, to scrap value. From a long-term perspective, sometimes, we will recommend our clients to replace the existing system. Our analysis on your pump can be regarded as the spot check for the life cycle cost of your system.

5. Spare parts
We will maintain certain spare parts in our warehouse to ensure we have the inventory for the main parts when needed, which can effectively reduce the inconvenience and downtime. According to the pumping solution, characteristic and configuration of your system, we can ensure the spare parts we offer can fully satisfy your demand.