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Flood Drainage Project in Thailand

1. On October 8, 2011, we received a phone call from the temple in Thailand. They told us they needed draining pump urgently because of the local flood disaster. The outlet size of the diesel engine driven self priming pump shall be 10 inch. They hoped we could deliver the product within one week.

Upon communication with our client, we produced 10 sets of JT-10 self priming pumps (DEUTZ diesel engine) with the flow of 700m3/h, head of 10m, and suction stroke of 5m. They were deeply impressed by our production capacity and high quality product. Here is the picture for the pumps to be delivered.

2. In February, 2012, the Thailand government wanted to purchase 12 inch self priming pump, with the flow of 1250m3/h and head of 11m. Since our product of self priming series could not meet their requirement, we recommended our SLOW300 double suction centrifugal pump. The testing conducted in Thailand showed our product was superior to that from others. The picture below is our 100 water pumps under tested in Thailand.