Rotary Evaporator Equipment for Distillation and Extraction

Rotary Evaporator Equipment for Distillation and Extraction

Rotary evaporator tools for distillation and extraction



Rotary evaporator is the use of stepless velocity management glass rotating bottle consistent speed rotation, the substance in the bottle wall to form a massive region uniform film, and then by the clever consistent temperature drinking water bath on the rotating bottle of uniform heating, vacuum circumstances, substantial-speed evaporation, Successful glass condenser cooling, restoration in the assortment bottle.


1L/ 3L/ 5L rotary evaporator (Frame is lifting immediately)

Product LRE-2000 LRE-3000 LRE-5000
Evaporator flask 1L 24#CZPT port,(250-2000ml optional) 3L    ¢50 flange port  5L    ¢50 flange port
Collect flask   1L    35# ball mill port 2L    35# ball mill port 3L    35#ball mill port
Glass materials GG-17 GG-17 GG-17
Frame material  Aluminium alloy Aluminium alloy Aluminium alloy
Pot bravery material Teflon compound pot, fully enclosed heating 230*120mm Aluminum alloy + Teflon composite pot, totally enclosed heating 250*130mm Aluminum alloy + Teflon composite pot, completely enclosed heating  280*170mm10L
Rotary electricity 40W 40W 40W
Rotary speed -180rpm -180rpm -180rpm
Heating power 1.5KW 1.5KW one.5KW
Heating temp.range -200ºC -99ºC -99ºC
Temp. precision ±1ºC ±1ºC ±1ºC
CZPT electrical power 15W 15W 20W
CZPT disctance 120mm 120mm 120mm
Voltage 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz
Dimension(mm*mm*mm) 660*420*830 660*420*830 seven hundred*410*880
Packing size(mm*mm*mm) 615*615*470  .17CBM 630*560*540  .19CBM 640*540*690 
Packing fat(KG) 23 thirty 42.5

1L/ 3L/ 5L Modest rotary evaporator (Oil bath lifting by hand wheel)

Design LRE-201 LRE-301 LRE-501
Glass materials GG-seventeen GG-seventeen GG-seventeen
Frame material  CZPT metal CZPT metal CZPT metal
Pot shell Content Spray anti-corrosion  270*270*195mm Spray anti-corrosion 290*296*240mm Spray anti-corrosion  310*320*240mm
Pot bravery content CZPT steel    250*140mm CZPT steel    255*170mm CZPT steel    280*170mm
Plate size 280*330mm 350*330mm 350*330mm
Evaporator flask 1L  24#CZPT port 3L  ¢50flange port 5L    ¢50flange port
Acquire flask 1L  24#CZPT port 2L   35#ball mill port 3L     35#ball mill port
Vacuum degree .098Mpa .098Mpa .098Mpa
Rotary energy 30W 40W 40W
Rotary speed -120rpm -120rpm -120rpm
Heating electricity 1.5KW 2KW 2KW
Heating temp.assortment -400ºC -400ºC -400ºC
Temp. precision ±1ºC ±1ºC ±1ºC
Voltage 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz
CZPT disctance 120mm 120mm 120mm
Dimension(mm*mm*mm) 700*440*885 660*330*970mm seven-hundred*335*1009mm
Packing size(mm*mm*mm) 600*460*460  .12CBM one thousand*460*450   .21CBM 1571*610*470   .29CBM
Packing excess weight(KG) 21 38 forty one

10-50L laboratory rotary evaporator (Oil tub lifting routinely)

Design LRE-five LRE-ten LRE-twenty LRE-50
Rotary flask 5L 10L 20L 50L
Collection flask 3L 5L 10L 20L
Rotary speed -120rpm/min -120rpm/min -120rpm/min -120rpm/min
Temp. controlling selection -400ºC -400ºC -400ºC -400ºC
Temp. accuracy ±1ºC ±1ºC ±1ºC ±1ºC
Glass bear temp.  -eighty-250ºC  -80-250ºC  -eighty-250ºC  -eighty-250ºC
Oil tub lifting stroke -140(mm) -180(mm) -one hundred eighty(mm) -180(mm)
Condenser dimensions Φ120×630H(mm) Primary Φ130×640H(mm)
Major Φ160×840H(mm)
Bath dimensions Φ280×170H(mm) Φ350×220H(mm) Φ450×250H(mm) Φ550×320H(mm)
10L 21L 39L 76L
Dimension 920*490*1300(mm) 1100*400*1900 1200*500*2000 1400*600*2250
Packing measurement 790L×430W×1060H(mm) 1070L×520W×1210H(mm) 1070L×520W×1210H(mm) 1270L×620W×1440H(mm)
Packing bodyweight 80kg 95kg 102kg 118kg

ten-50L laboratory rotary evaporator (Oil bathtub lifting by hand wheel)

Design LRE-1002 LRE-2002 LRE-3002 LRE-5003
Glass content GG-seventeen GG-17 GG-17 GG-17
Body material  CZPT metal CZPT steel CZPT steel CZPT metal
Pot shell Material Spray anti-corrosion  490*430*540mm Spray anti-corrosion  630*534*638mm Spray anti-corrosion       710*620*700mm Spray anti-corrosion 710*620*700mm
Pot bravery materials CZPT steel    350*220mm CZPT steel    450*250mm CZPT steel   500*280mm CZPT steel    550*320mm
Plate dimension 474*474mm 534*504mm 804*574mm 804*574mm
Evaporator flask 10L    ¢95Flange port 20L    ¢95Flange port 30L    ¢125Flange port 50L    ¢125Flange port
Accumulate flask 5L     ¢50Flange port 10L    ¢60Flange port 20L    ¢60Flange port 20L    ¢60Flange port
Vacuum diploma .098Mpa .098Mpa .098Mpa .098Mpa
Rotary energy 120W 120W 180W    220V/50Hz 180W    220V/50Hz
Rotary speed -110rpm -110rpm -110rpm -110rpm
Heating power 3KW 220V/50Hz 5KW 220V/50Hz 8KW     380V/50Hz 8KW     380V/50Hz
Heating temp.variety -400ºC -400ºC -400ºC -400ºC
Temp. precision ±1ºC ±1ºC ±1ºC ±1ºC
CZPT disctance 180mm 180mm 180mm 180mm
Dimension(mm*mm*mm) 970*480*1950mm 1170*540*2200 1520*620*2470 1520*620*2470
Packing dimensions(mm*mm*mm) 1340*350*450  1340*590*700  .76CBM 1370*680*710   690*690*840   1CBM 1480*380*480  1180*830*710  790*750*850 one.46CBM 1480*380*480  1180*830*710  790*750*850 1.46CBM
Packing excess weight(KG) (38+sixty eight)106 (86+49)a hundred thirty five (forty seven+seventy six+56)179 (forty seven+76+56)179

100L huge rotary evaporator (Body lifting instantly)

Product LRE-100L
Glass meterial GG-17
Holder content CZPT metal
Pot shell Spray anti-corrosion
 Material 820*820mm
Pot bravery CZPT steel
Plate dimensions 1600*830mm
Evaporator 100L
flask flange mouth:Φ180mm
Acquire flask 50L
ball mouth:Φ40mm
Vacuum degree .098Mpa
Rotary velocity -110RPM
Rotary electricity 400W 220V/50HZ
Heating electricity 12KW 380V/50HZ
Heating temp. -four hundred
Temp. precision ±1
CZPT stroke 180mm
Dimension 1700*850*2600
Packing bodyweight 400

one. How to decide on the appropriate design of rotary evaporator?

Rotary flask is 1L to 100L volume, explosion proof is optional. Oil bath lifting and principal body lifting are both offered. Choose the one particular you want. 
You can also explain to us your ask for, we will advocate the appropriate 1 for you.

two. What is the Max. temperature?

The Max. temp. of oil tub can attain 250degree.

3. Vacuum pump is required?

Indeed, vacuum pump is much better to use with each other with rotary evaporator.

4. Do i need to purchase chiller jointly?

Chiller can speed up the distillation speed, we advise to purchase collectively.

5. What should i do if glass damaged for the duration of transportation?

Our deal is extremely powerful and dependable. If glass damaged simply because of transport, we will send new glass elements for totally free.
We have exported for a lot of several years, glass never ever broken throughout transporation till now.

6. What about Warranty?

12months, not which includes glass.

Rotary Evaporator Equipment for Distillation and Extraction


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