Multifunctional Miniature Extractor Single Effect Concentrator

Multifunctional Miniature Extractor Single Effect Concentrator


This equipment is widely utilized in finding out the parameter for new process R&D, pilot plant, new medication analysis for the herbs extractor approach, plat risky oil in the college, labs etc.



one.This device have total multi- useful,it can be utilized to extractor the volatile oil, drinking water extractor, solvent extractor, steam distill, thermal reflux, solvent recovery and liquor sediment method and so forth.

two.The evaporate tank have the specific ointment collect unit ,so the last focus ointment density can get to to 1.4.


CZPT composite

This equipment like the subsequent units: extractor tank, sediment tank, single effect concentrator, condenser, oil h2o separater, vacuum pump, sanitary pump, pipeline and manage panel .all method use SS support body.


CZPT operation manner

Guide procedure & automated operation.


Design Spec.& technologies knowledge

Product Design Spec.& technological innovation knowledge Sediment tank Solitary result concentrator Vacuum pump electricity (KW) CZPT pump electricity (KW) Steam consumption (kg/h) Dimension L*W*H
Total quantity (L) Heating location (M²) Jacket force (Mpa) Inside of stress (Mpa) Complete quantity(L) Heating spot (M²) Motor powerK (W) Heating location (M²) CZPT spot (M²) Motor electrical power (KW)
DNT-50 sixty five .3 .3 Atm sixty five .5 .37 .50 1.7 .37 one.5 .37 50 one.ninety five*.8*one.eight
DNT-100 one hundred ten .fifty two .three Atm a hundred thirty .7 .3.7 .eighty five two. .37 one.5 .37 100 two.45*.eight*two.35
DNT-two hundred 220 .ninety six .three Atm 230 one.5 .seventy five 1.fifty four. .37 2.two .37 a hundred and fifty 2.8*.975*two.five
DNT-300 350 one.twelve .3 Atm 350 two. .seventy five 2.thirty five. .37 two.2 .37 two hundred 3.two*one.05*2.6
DNT-five hundred 620 1.5 .three Atm 620 2.9 .seventy five 3.20 10 .37 3. .37 250 three.five*one.3*three.05

Wastewater evaporation restoration gear CZPT metal evaporator

one. Overview of One-influence Evaporator CZPT
The one-impact evaporator is suited for the restoration of industrial liquor this kind of as traditional Chinese drugs, western medication, glucose, wine-making, starch, oral liquid, chemical sector, foods, all-natural flavor, food additives, monosodium glutamate, dairy items, etc. The single-result evaporator can be employed for the vacuum concentration of small batches and many versions of lower thermal sensitivity.

2. Characteristics of solitary-effect evaporator Alcoholic beverages restoration: The recovery capacity is massive, and the vacuum focus procedure is adopted. Compared with the old single-result evaporator of the same kind, it can increase efficiency by 5-10 instances and decrease vitality use by thirty%. It has the qualities of reduced expenditure and higher recovery efficiency.
two.two Concentrate content: the solitary influence evaporator adopts the combination of exterior heating organic circulation and vacuum damaging force evaporation. The evaporation rate is rapidly, the concentration ratio can reach one.three, the liquid materials is entirely foam totally free, and the concentrated liquid created by single influence evaporator has the traits of no pollution and robust taste, and it is simple to cleanse (the higher and decrease cover of the heater can be cleaned). The one-impact evaporator is simple to run and occupies a tiny region. The heater and evaporator adopt stainless metal insulation framework. The outer insulation layer is made of stainless metal sheet, and the floor is treated with mirror or matt.
2.three The single-impact evaporator has the benefits of rapidly concentrating pace, brief time, multi-purpose in a single device, atmospheric stress, vacuum concentrating and paste amassing. The single-effect evaporator (solitary-effect exterior circulation evaporator) is composed of heating chamber, evaporation chamber, foam entice, condenser, cooler, acquiring tank, valve fittings of internal connecting pipe of the method, supporting devices, and many others. The get in touch with part with components is produced of stainless metal 304/316L, which is corrosion resistant and lovely in appearance. There is warmth preservation outside the house the heater and evaporator. The outer insulation is manufactured of stainless metal plate. The surface area is treated by mirror or matt, which completely satisfies the GMP CZPT. The heater of one-effect evaporator adopts rapidly-opening construction, which is hassle-free to clear.  
The inner part of the heating chamber is tubular. The shell side is linked with the uncooked steam, and the liquid inside the tube is heated. The adding chamber is equipped with stress gauges and basic safety valves to guarantee the basic safety of generation. The entrance of the separation chamber is outfitted with a viewing mirror for the operator to observe the evaporation of substance and liquid. The back again manhole is convenient for cleansing the interior of the chamber when the range is modified. A thermometer and a vacuum meter are also provided to notice and grasp the temperature of material and liquid in the evaporation chamber and the vacuum degree during damaging stress evaporation.

3. Construction and Functionality of Single-result Evaporator
The solitary-impact evaporator consists of heating chamber, separator, demister, vapor-liquid separator, condenser, cooler, liquid storage tank, circulation pipe and other components. The total established of one-effect evaporator gear is manufactured of high-top quality stainless metal components.
The internal component of the heating chamber is tubular. The shell aspect is linked with the raw steam, and the liquid inside the tube is heated. The incorporating chamber is equipped with stress gauges and protection valves to make sure the protection of generation.
The entrance of the separating chamber of the one-result evaporator is geared up with a viewing mirror for the operator to observe the evaporation of the substance. The back again manhole is hassle-free for cleansing the interior of the chamber when the selection is transformed. A thermometer and a vacuum meter are also offered to notice and learn the temperature of the substance and liquid in the evaporating chamber and the vacuum diploma for the duration of the damaging stress evaporation.
4. Working Basic principle of One-impact Evaporator
  The raw steam enters the outside the house of the tube of the heating chamber, heating up the substance and liquid, spraying it into the evaporation chamber from the nozzle for vapor-liquid separation. The content and liquid return to the reduce part of the heating chamber for reheating, and the substance and liquid are heated and sprayed into the evaporation chamber for circulation. The evaporator of one result evaporator is concentrated to a particular extent. Soon after sampling is identified, the substance is discharged from the outlet. The steam evaporated from the evaporation chamber is eliminated by the demister, then the vapor-liquid separator is taken out, and some of the liquid is returned to the evaporation chamber. The remaining two steam is cooled by the condenser and cooler to form liquid into the liquid storage tank. Last but not least, the non condensable gas is discharged into the environment or the vacuum pump is taken absent.

5. Running Laws for Solitary-influence Evaporator Pre-procedure crucial function: Just before procedure, verify no matter whether the gear, valves and devices are standard, whether or not the pipeline is unblocked and there is no leakage. Cleanse the products only if there is no abnormality.
five.1.two Verify regardless of whether the heater and evaporator are cleaned.
five.1.3 Check out regardless of whether the valves are in the proper opening and closing position. Only soon after the re-evaluation is correct can it be operated and used.
5.two Boot procedure: Open up the vacuum valve
five.two.2 Open the feeding valve and near the feeding valve immediately when the liquid is observed in the viewing mirror of the evaporator.
5.two.three Open the condenser and circulating cooling drinking water. The drinking water pressure is stabilized at .1-.2 MPa.
five.2.4 Slowly open the steam valve. The evaporator is heated to the required stress to heat the evaporator.
five.three Typical operation: Adjust the opening degree of the feed valve, manage the liquid amount to maintain a particular height, so that the liquid evaporation and liquid replenishment can reach a dynamic equilibrium.
5.3.two Every single two hours or so, the exhaust valve of the heater is opened to discharge the non-condensable gasoline.
5.three.3 The discharge of condensate water, in addition to the individual discharge of heater condensate h2o, evaporative condensate water is discharged once each 15-twenty minutes. Discharge steps are as follows:
a. Close the water valve
b. Open up the exhaust valve to make the getting tank empty from vacuum
c. Open the drain valve to discharge the condensate
d. After the condensate is discharged, very first near the drain valve, then close the exhaust valve, and open up the water valve equipment to run normally.
five.4 Shutdown operation:
5.4.1 Near the steam valve and end providing steam.
5.four.2 Near the vacuum butterfly valve
5.four.three Open the evaporator exhaust valve to ruin the evaporator vacuum and set down the extract during focus.
5.4.4 Open up the exhaust valve and drain valve to drain the condensate drinking water.
five.4.five Clean evaporators and heaters.
6. CZPT parameters of one-impact evaporator

Sort DN-one hundred DN-500 DN-one thousand DN-1500 DN-2000
Evaporation Capacity (kg/h) one hundred 500 a thousand 1500 2000
Vacuum (MPa) -.08
Steam (MPa) .05~.09
Concentration Certain Gravity
Heating Location (mtwo) three.five ten twenty 30 40
Condensing Location (m2) twelve twenty 35 forty five 70
Define Measurement (m) 2.1×0.8×2.5 three.6×1.2×3.9 three.6×1.3×4.two three.6×1.3×4.8 5.5×1.6×5.5

seven. Inspection Common for One-effect Evaporator CZPT
SFDA Code for CZPT Management of CZPT Manufacturing 2571 Edition
Code for Style of Clear Workshop in CZPT CZPT (GB5571-2008)
GAMP CZPT Generation CZPT Management Specification
GB150.1-150.four-2011 Metal Force Vessels
NB/ Metal Welded Atmospheric Stress Vessel


Multifunctional Miniature Extractor Single Effect Concentrator


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