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Mining Industry
Besides delivery pump and slurry pump for initial exploration, we are capable of producing pumps required by all production stages. Our equipment is applicable for the medium containing sand, clay particle, drilling cuttings, as well as the liquid with low pH value or destructiveness. Additionally, the pump can be used for corrosive liquid containing percolate, and the substance for cleaning and maintenance.

Surface Water Pumping
For example, our JT/JU series self priming pump, the maximum suction stroke of which can be 7.6m, is applicable for particles with the diameter as big as 76.2mm (3inch). Moreover, the LPT long axle pump, designed with 13m immersible depth and 60,000m3/h maximum flow, makes it more convenient during surface water pumping.

Underground Water Drawing
EPT is able to offer long axle pump and self priming pump based on actual submerging depth. The maximum vertical height can be 13m. The high efficiency effectively reduces the operation cost. The outstanding reliability, durability and stability of our product will save the maintenance cost, accordingly.

Agricultural Irrigation
In addition to water source, water distribution is another important step for agricultural irrigation, which refers to water transportation for irrigation in the form of sprinkling, trickle or mist spray. During water distribution, maintaining the proper pressure of the tube and the nozzle is of great important in achieving high pumping efficiency and energy conservation.

Flood Drainage
Driven by diesel engine, our pump is applicable for flood fighting, emergency rescue, municipal drainage, flood and drought rescue, farmland drainage, etc. The pump can be moved at will for the application in conjunction with trailer. Equipped with sound proof and rain proof container, the noise pollution is reduced and service life of the product is extended.

Sewage Transportation and Treatment
As we all known, there are many large particles containing in raw sewage, such as toilet paper, fabric, napkin, plastic bag, wood block, etc. These substances must be eliminated in the first step in sewage treatment to avoid the block and damage to the mechanical equipment in sewage treatment plant.