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JT & JU series self priming sewage pump is a kind of specialized sewage disposal equipment, designed with super strong anti-clogging and impurity disposal capability. It can be used to dispose ultra long fiber impurities and more than 3" solids. Due to excellent self priming performance, this trash pump is also widely used in irrigation, flood drainage and underground water drainage fields.

Technical Parameters

JT and JU series self priming sewage pump
Model Size (inlet & outlet) Range of Flow Rate Range of Head Max. suction lift Range of power Range of Speed Max. solids Weight L×W×H (M)
JT-2 2 inch 8-46m3/h 4-36m 7.6 m 1HP-10HP 1150rpm-2900rpm 44.45 mm 100kgs 0.6 8 ×0.6×0.36
JT-3 3 inch 2-105m3/h 3-35m 7.6 m 1HP-20HP 650rpm-2150rpm 63.5 mm 210kgs 0.78×0.79×0.49
JT-4 4 inch 15-150m3/h 2-35m 7.6 m 1HP-30HP 650rpm-1950rpm 76.2 mm 315kgs 0.88×0.85×0.57
JT-6 6 inch 20-330m3/h 2-34m 7.6 m 2HP-40HP 650rpm-1550rpm 76.2 mm 420kgs 0.93×0.97×0.63
JT-8 8 inch 4-600m3/h 4-34m 7 m 7.5HP-75HP 650rpm-1350rpm 76.2 mm 750kgs 1.1×1.18×0.81
JT-10 10 inch 50-760m3/h 3-40m 6.7 m 10HP-100HP 650rpm-1450rpm 76.2 mm 800kgs 1.3×1.14×0.85
JT-12 12 inch 100-1275m3/h 8-42m 4.9 m 20HP-125HP 650rpm-1250rpm 76.2 mm 1080kgs 1.5×1.2×1.1
JU-3 3 inch 8-85m3/h 5-75m 7.6 m 1.5HP-25HP 850rpm-2150rpm 20.63 mm 220kgs 0.78×0.79×0.49
JU-4 4 inch 15-145m3/h 12-60m 5.2 m 3HP-40HP 850rpm-2150rpm 28.57 mm 350kgs 0.88×0.85×0.57
JU-6 6 inch 35- 310m3/h 5-58m 4.5 m 5HP-75HP 850rpm-1950rpm 31.75 mm 450kgs 0.93×0.97×0.63

Features of the Self Priming Pump

1. Outstanding Self Primping Performance
Ultra strong self priming performance enables this pump to be installed above the liquid level. Long drive shaft, hanging bracket and other devices are not required. What it only requires is to put suction pipe into the sewage. In first use, you only need to fill up the pump chamber with liquid to complete initial self priming. Then, the sewage pump can automatically conduct self priming, thus dramatically reducing installation time and maintenance cost.

2. Nearly Zero Clogging
Semi-open impeller design allows relatively large size solids and super long fibers to pass through the wastewater pump. The maximum diameter of solid particles is up to 3 inch (76mm). Even if it is clogged, the manual discharge port installed at the front of the pump can be easily opened to clear up the pump in few minutes.

3. Simple, Quick and Economical Maintenance
If you want to inspect or change impeller, machine seal, wear plate or other accessories, the only thing you need to do is to open the front cover and take out the rotating assembly without having to dismantle the pipeline or pump.

Application Fields of the Self Priming Sewage Pump

1. Subsurface drainage or mine water drainage
2. Sewage disposal, suitable for sewage disposal plants, hospitals, etc.
3. Flood drainage station or civil defense system
4. Agricultural irrigation, chemical plants
5. Municipal engineering, sewage work, constructional engineering
6. Sewage collection and discharge in residential community
7. Sewage discharge in hospitals, hotels, etc.
8. Centralized and staged disposal system of urban sewage disposal plants
9. Severe industrial and commercial sewage treatment

Product Details
  • 1. The self priming sewage pump can be equipped
    with Deutz, Commins, Perkins and other brand air
    cooling diesel engines or Siemens, ABB
    explosion-proof electric motor.
  • 2. It can be outfitted with hanging bracket for easy
    lifting and weather enclosure for outstanding
    protection in harsh environment.

  • 3. Sound attenuated enclosure allows noise to be
    reduced to less than 55db.

  • 4. Vacuum device can be equipped to increase head
    to 9m and reduce water drawing time. The sewage
    pump with this device is perfect under drainage.
  • 5. Our self priming sewage pump can be mounted
    on 2-wheel or 4-wheel truck for easy moving.
  • 6. Due to installation of an intelligent control cabinet,
    the pump realizes automatic start and stop.

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