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Dry Priming Pump

Consisting of centrifugal pump and vacuum auxiliary system, the dry priming pump has the function of self-priming and circular self-priming. Featuring easy installation and convenient operation, this wastewater treatment device needs to be filled with water for the first time use. No extra water filling is required for starting. The simplified management system is conducive to the improvement of the working conditions. Moreover, there is no need for the users to remove the vacuum pump for installation and maintenance, because this product can be used on ground directly.

The dry priming pump can be employed for discharging sewage, clear water, muddy water, etc. Matched with internal combustion engine, the centrifugal pump can be installed on removable trolley for field operation.

Technical Parameters

Size ≤800mm
Range of Flow ≤11600m3/h
Head ≤816m
Suction Stroke ≤ 13m

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