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Stainless Steel Self Priming Pump

Instead of dynamic seal, the stainless steel self priming pump is engineered with static seal. The flow passage components are completely sealed, effectively avoiding the knotty problems caused by liquid leakage. The pump body and the flow passage components are all made of corrosion resistant stainless steel, corundum ceramics, PTEF graphite, and so on.

Possessing the function of the magnetic drive pump, our self sucking pump features compact structure, nice appearance, small volume, low noise, reliable operation and convenient maintenance. Requiring no bottom valve or manual water filling into pump cavity and pipeline, the stainless steel self priming pump has the suction stroke as high as 4 meters.

The chemical resistant self priming pump is generally applied in the fields like petroleum, chemistry, pharmacy, electroplate, printing and dyeing, foodstuff, and scientific research.

Particularly suitable for pumping inflammable and explosive liquid, this stainless steel centrifugal pump can be used for the medium like acid, alkali, oil, as well as the uncommon precious liquid, toxic liquid, and volatile liquid. Additionally, application as the supporting facilities is also available. The wide uses make the corrosion resistance self priming pump well received by our client.

Technical Parameters

Model Motor Power(kW) Calibre (mm)
Efficiency (%) Head (m) Flow (m3/h) NPSH (m)
25SBF-8 0.25 25/20 43 3-11 7.5-0.8 4.5
40SBF-13 0.55 40/25 45 5-15 13-3.5 3.5
50SBF-18 1.5 50/40 52 22-10 21-3 3.5
50SBF-22 2.2 50/40 55 27-14 27-7 3.5
50SBF-25 3 50/40 56 30-18 29.5-12.5 3.5
Model Motor Power(kW) Calibre (mm)
Efficiency (%) Head (m) Flow (m3/h) NPSH (m)
25SBFX-8 0.25 25/25 40 9-3 5.5-2.3 5.5
25SBFX-13 0.55 25/25 40 16-4 3-10 4
40SBFX-18 1.5 40/40 49 21-8 6-18.5 4
50SBFX-22 3 50/50 50 28-14 8.5-23.8 4

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