Self Priming Pump

    1. Self Priming Sewage Pump

      It can be used to dispose ultra long fiber impurities and more than 3" solids. Due to excellent self priming performance, this trash pump is also widely used in irrigation, flood drainage and underground water drainage fields.

    1. Self Priming Oil PumpChemical industry: the material of the pump body is selected depending on the pH value of the medium transported. Produced with corrosion resistant mechanical seal, our corrosive liquid transporting device can be employed for delivering chemical liquid like vitriol, hydrochloric acid, hydrogen nitrate, aqua regia, and some others.
    1. Stainless Steel Self Priming PumpThe flow passage components are completely sealed, effectively avoiding the knotty problems caused by liquid leakage. The pump body and the flow passage components are all made of corrosion resistant stainless steel, corundum ceramics, PTEF graphite, and so on.
    1. Corrosion Resistant Self Priming PumpThe liquid pumping can be conducted intermittently, as long as the stopping time is no more than 15 minutes. Safe and convenient, no cooling water is required for the mechanical seal. The centrifugal pump is the best choice for the replacement of the immersible pump.
    1. Dry Priming PumpThe dry priming pump can be employed for discharging sewage, clear water, muddy water, etc. Matched with internal combustion engine, the centrifugal pump can be installed on removable trolley for field operation.